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Scandinavian interior design style

Scandinavian style

It's no secret that Scandinavian interiors are among the most elegant and practical interiors in the world.

And it is not surprising that this style is so popular because it is so pleasant to live in coziness and comfort.

Scandinavian interior design is known for its minimalist color palettes, cozy accents and bright modern furniture. Designs often play with natural light, which is basic in Scandinavian countries.

So, consider the basic principles of Scandinavian design in the interior:

  • Lighting
    In this style there should be a lot of light sources and different types of lighting. The use of candles in the Scandinavian interior is also important, they allow you to create the very "home" atmosphere.

  • Furniture
    Furniture is a big part of interior design. It should reflect the theme and style of the common space. Scandinavian style uses an elegant, modern style of furniture that is very simple in aesthetics. Warm color and natural materials that blend seamlessly with room decoration and accessories, low sofas and tables for a small room.

  • Simple accessories
    It is important strategic distribution of accessories, so as not to burden the space. As a rule, it can be neat portable lamps, a series of photo frames, transparent round vases and, of course, green plants in pots.

  • Surfaces
    The overall image of any interior design in the Scandinavian style is extremely minimal. This means that the design should be done in simple, understated colors and materials. Most designers use smooth laminates of various muted shades on large vertical surfaces around the perimeter.

  • Colors and accents
    Interior designs most often consist of a muted and pastel gamut, but, nevertheless, this does not make it dull or gray. Bright color accents add originality and even unusualness.

  • Straight lines
    All the main elements of this style - furniture, windows and product design - are made in clean cuts of straight lines. They are extremely defined and give the true integrity of the overall structure of the space.


  • Floor coverings
    Only natural materials! As a rule, it is a tree. Also, carpets are incredibly popular (in no case on the walls), you can choose a harmonious ornament or purchase a sheepskin rug.

  • Wooden material
    A separate item is devoted to this material. Whether on the floor, on the walls, used to make cabinets or accessories. Usually they are light breeds, such as beech, ash and pine.

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