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Leica 3D scanner

The universal high-speed industrial laser scanner has the highest level of detail. You can do with it:

  • Room measurements with an accuracy of up to 4mm
  • Visualization for future design
  • 3D photo of the object
  • Measurement of heat loss with full visualization of the heat map of the room
  • It has excellent characteristics in the form of compactness, performance and undeniable data quality, even at the farthest distances.

In addition, the equipment has proven to be extremely resistant to even the harshest environmental conditions.

The special “Chek and Adjust” system allows the user of the scanner to independently perform an electronic inspection of the equipment and configure the device with his own hands. Thus, you can adjust the performance of the equipment and it works without contacting technical support.


Scope of the laser Leica scanner.

Such equipment produces high-quality 3D data and images at an incredible speed, which in one million points per second at a distance of more than 250 meters.

In addition, the 3D scanner is different:

  • Unsurpassed range
  • High angular accuracy
  • Low noise

The versatile device performs many functions even when working at long range. There are quite a lot of industries in which this equipment can be used.


As for construction, the Leica 3D scanner is an ideal assistant for detailed executive surveying of facades, or for creating surface plan/3Ddata for filling a BIM system. In addition, it greatly simplifies and brings to a new level work with large-scale constructions projects, where every detail matters.


Advantages of Leica 3D Laser Scanner.

Innovative equipment, which has many useful functions and is used not only in construction, but also in architecture, industry, shipbuilding, has several significant advantages:

Peak performance. High scanning speed and large operating range guarantee minimization of scan points, which entails a significant reduction in the time spent on scanning.

Increasing protection. The new model of the scanner added the ability to operate in difficult environment conditions. As a result, the operating temperature range of the device is from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Excellent data quality. This device is one of the best scanning equipment. It has high accuracy and low noise even when scanned from distance.

Comfort and usability. The updated touch screen and compact design ensure maximum usability of the equipment. In addition, there is an automatic configuration feature that allows user independently adjust the operation of the device without contacting the service center.

Our company “Museum Interior” uses a Leica 3D scanner to work on our own projects. Thanks to innovative technology, now it is possible to carry out architectural planning and technical supervision of objects in real time, which acts as a guarantee for the implementation of high-quality projects.

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