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Lecture for designers in the “Museum Interior” Salon.


In early September, “Museum Interior” organized and held an event called “Architect, Become Famous” in a joint collaboration of the site for designers Faqindecor: Architecture and Interior Design.  An informative seminar, attended by about forty talented designers, was aimed at telling young professionals how to promote themselves on the Internet and become successful.


Attracting customers and earning a reputation in interior design is easy!


Any designer, architect and aspiring artist is faced with the following most common questions:

  • How to earn fame
  • How and whom sell creativity
  • How to advertise your work with dignity
  • How to competently make a brief and negotiate with the customers

At the seminar, which took place in the company “Museum Interior”, also observed how to promote their services on the Internet.


Also, during the seminar, the company “Museum Interior” presented exclusive products, including:

Leica 3D machine is an original measuring system, which has no analogues in the world market. This is a multifunctional range finder/scanner.

Salini baths are high-quality, exclusive products from Italian brand.

Doors Rodos – products of domestic production, which are manufactured according to innovative techniques on the latest European equipment.

Decorative plaster and San Marco paint – finishing materials from the famous Italian manufacturer.


After the event, all participants of the seminar were waited by magnificent buffet table.


Top tip for budding interior designers and architects.

Summing up the seminar, the event organizers gave some important tips to the participants.

It was a kind of admonition and guide to further action.

“For people whose job is connected with creativity, it constantly seems that there is a huge pile of unfulfilled and not completely worded tasks ahead. And always will be. No matter how difficult it was at the beginning, it is worth fighting with all might. After all, only the one who acts, achieve success” – such a simple truth should be remembered, and, perhaps, these words will become the key for achieving success.

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