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Interior mood color

Color is our life. You must admit, everything around us has its own color. Gamma, shades – all this can cheer us up and introduce us to other states.  Surely, once, you have had a feeling room is uncomfortable or rather the interior is pleasant. It’s all about the color surrounded you.

Today we will figure out what color to use to create a certain mood and atmosphere.



The use of this color in large quantities is deprecated. Red is the main stimulating color. It will tire people excitable and imaginary, prone to anxiety. It is also not recommended to use in the room where people are constantly with high blood pressure.

With all this, red color is able to give optimism, energy, self-confidence and stimulate person. Also red is able to improve blood circulation, releasing adrenaline. The backlash on this color is apathy, aggression and anger. It is perfect for the kitchen design, hallway, staircase space, gym or office.



Probably, you will immediately say it is a joyful, invigorating color. The “parents” of orange are red and yellow. Therefore, firstly, there is activity, secondly – warmth and goodness. Orange color will not annoy the presence in the interior. It creates the impression of friendliness and comfort, fills the room with light, warmth and optimism. It is suitable for those who wish to enhance the feeling of cheerfulness and warm cheerfulness in the interior.

Orange is perfect in the office, in the kitchen, in the dining room or library. Often, pure orange color is used as a bright accent in the form of accessories.



This is the color of happiness, sun, freedom, fun and therefore creates an optimistic, invigorating mood. It goes well with other warm colors. Warm shades always carry only a positive charge.

Yellow color can be used where temporary concentration of attention and self-organization is needed: in the office, in the living room or kitchen. This color increases the cognitive interest, memory improvement, so, it can be useful in the children’s room, but in small quantities, since children will be too vigorous and mobile, especially before bedtime. Also, yellow is not recommended for use in areas where people live with insomnia or stomach ailments.



This is the personification of reliability, endurance, dedication, common sense and hard work, personifying the color of the Earth. The reverse side of color – boredom, fear, depression, frustration. Improper shade or overabundance in the application will play a bad role.

The color of the tree is appropriate in any room: in the living room, bedroom, nursery, bathroom, café, study, kitchen, hallway, etc. This is cream and shades, and red-brown, and yellow-brown, and dark chocolate, and brownish-ocher, and the color of coffee with milk.

Dark brown color should be used in small quantities, but light, warm and neutral brown can be used in any proportions.



Beige color gives us a feeling of harmony and balance. Its naturalness gives a subtle charm to the room. Neutral shade is usually used as the primary “default” color for interiors, such as the color of walls, carpets, cabinets and titles. Cause? Beige color in the interior is combined with almost everything. Living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and nursery – everywhere this color will be pleasant.



Sincerity, purity, tranquility and rest – will give this color. Blue also has the ability to pacify and inspires creative ideas. The best way to engage in meditation, relaxation and contemplation is interior in blue colors. This color helps to fall asleep, cures some diseases (fever, high blood pressure, migraines). Blue color is used in work spaces and bedrooms, medical institutions and resorts. But there is also the opposite effect: when there is an excess of this color, there can be disagreements and scandals between the inhabitants.


Dark blue

It conveys freshness, embodies calm, serenity and depth. Dark blur bedroom is the perfect solution for a person who lives in a noisy metropolis. Different shades of blue can be applied in the nursery. Undoubtedly, this color is useful in the bathroom. Dark blue has the ability to visually increase the space in depth and height – ideal for small spaces. But still, in large quantities can lead to apathy and despondency.



Life, nature, harmonies - feelings of this color. Light shades for those in search of joy, new beginnings, and constant renewal of life. A conservative person will like a serious and steady dark green color. Green brings people together, fills with harmony and promotes the adoption of important decisions.

This color can relax, but also induce to action, so it is useful in the office, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room, in the nursery and in the restaurant.




Violet is a majestic color, symbolizes aspiration, fortitude, wisdom, artistry, power, nobility and inspiration. It can soothe the soul and feed it with the necessary energy; it will help with despair and loss of faith. Violet color is not a natural color, and in large quantities it should not be consumed in the interior. It is better to add accents of purple flowers, which will create an extravagant atmosphere.



White color charges people with energy. The reverse side of white is detachment, emptiness, loneliness. In case of an excess of this color, a person can feel the previous states. Any bright color will look more intense on white. This color serves as an ideal background for all contrasting colors, while increasing their brightness. White color is suitable for both small rooms and large spaces. Certainly, pure white "cuts eyes", especially in large quantities. Therefore, instead of pure white, you can use its muted shades.



Black is a great background. In the interior, black can be used in painting walls, ceilings or even the floor. In properly selected cases, it looks noble and respectable. Naturally, the black ceiling or walls are best used in high, spacious rooms. It is advantageous to bring the ceiling. But here in low rooms, of course, only the light colored option will do. Black color should be used in small quantities, as it suppresses and causes a feeling of depression.



Gray color on the one hand means realism and sanity, on the other hand - sadness, boredom, depression. It has a huge variety of beautiful shades that look great in the interior. Gray is a good component to any other color and a beautiful background for bright colors, further revealing their richness. It could soft bright shades. This color is used in modern interiors of the living room, kitchen, bedroom, nursery and office.

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