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Design and author supervision of the “Boche” shopping center.

The design studio Museum Interior is actively working on the final steps in the shopping center “Boche” (Stary Oskol). This is the largest shopping center in the city; the concept of it is to create an oasis of shopping and entertainment, socializing and relaxation.


Features of “Boche”

“Boche” is a multifunctional, modern shopping complex with an area of more than 80000 sq.m.  In terms of design, scale, equipment and the range of goods and services, “Boche” is a leader in the region. The convenient location allows to easily reaching the complex from north-east and south-west areas of the city. It is very convenience for visitors, the complex has a surface parking and free underground parking for 1100 cars.

The main purpose of the SC is to create a comfortable environment for visitors, so they receive maximum pleasure from visiting the complex.

It was such an initial task assigned to the team of the Museum Interior Company. In the end of the main construction works, it was necessary to arrange the premises – starting with capital works and ending with interior design.

During the work on the shopping center “Boche”, Museum Interior designed and decorated:

  • CAFÉ

In addition, experts have worked on the concept of the lighting system, design of stairs, columns and other objects inside the shopping center.


After the active work of the team at Museum Interior, the complex acquired the look of a European establishment, which is filled with style and thoughtfulness of every detail. You can feel the state of sheer comfort in the room. This is the place where is possible not only to spend your free time with benefits, but also to have a great time with friends or retire to the café with a cup on freshly brewed coffee.

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