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Decorative plaster by San Marco

Decorative plaster by San Marco

Positive feedback on this material suggests that it is very popular and in demand. What is a decorative plaster? This is a high-quality material for wall decoration, which creates a special relief surface, has different shades. You can also say that it is an alternative for waterproof paint or wallpaper.

Types of decorative coatings


Ideal for decorating corridors, staircases and entrances, utility rooms. Does not require special skills, but excludes any possibility of creativity.


It got its name due to the ability of plaster to create different patterns on the surface.

The so-called "Venetian plaster" (it is also called liquid marble) when dried, reminds real marble by its texture and texture. It is such a pleasure is very expensive, but the laboratory of San Marco tried to reduce the costs of buyers and released a series of mineral plasters, which are also environmentally friendly and breathable.

Pluster with the "effect of antiquity"

The surface of such plaster cracks when dried, which gives the room a vintage look.


[caption id="attachment_9363" align="aligncenter" width="720"] How to apply decorative coatings?

Today, the simplest and most convenient tool for applying decorative plaster is the roller. To complete the work, take ready-to-use plaster. Before applying the solution, primed the surface. After the time when the wall dries, apply decorative plaster. To do this, you can use both conventional and relief roller. Decorative roller can immediately create a picture on the walls. After drying the plaster, paint the surface. Using paint, the masters give the walls a more aesthetic look, emphasizing the depth of the relief.[/caption]

Why San Marco?

Our company Museum Interior works closely with San Marco official representatives and uses the products in their design projects. Because:

- quality assurance

- huge catalog of materials

- variety of textures

- environmental friendliness

- positive customer reviews.

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