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With pastel shades finished! It is time for rich palettes and rich colors. Decorators will save us from chromo phobia by injections of rust-red and emerald-green shades.


Not so long ago, everyone was perplexed and laughed at the “green greenery”, a shade of green that was ridiculous for interiors, declared the main one in 2017. And Litris Aisman, chief priestess of color, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, talks about the merits of ripe palettes. “Intense colors are necessary as a natural continuation of our intense lifestyle. Soft pastel colors are inferior in popularity to bright blue, rusty red and green. "Apparently, the great revolution of 2018 is coming" - departures from the programmed pastel colors, which in recent years have flooded magazines and interiors. Their hegemony, imposed by the Scandinavian trend in decor, is coming to an end. 

"Lounge area" with low gradient lights. Booth Carl Hansen & Son at iSaloni in Milan, 2017. Scenography: Despina Curtis.

Iceman predicts fame and rainbow shades. “The human eye responds particularly well to everything that is rosy, pearly or translucent,” she says “Shimmering metallic steel, which has become a classic, has completely gone into a neutral palette.”

Lee Edelkort. Trendbook SS 2018. Bio-Athentics.

4/4 Lee Edelkort. Trendbook SS 2018. Transition.

Lee Edelkort. Trendbook SS 2018. Bio-Athentics.


With the colors of the year it is always like this: they change very quickly. As in the fashion world, the seasons follow one after the other; each following is different from the previous one. In 2018, the green color will remain, but in a different quality. In addition, blue will be popular, which designers have already called the "new black." New shades, especially red, should make 2018 interiors different from previous ones. More frank, exotic colors will appear.


Pantone Color Institute offers eight palettes for 2018. Regeneration includes orange shades that are so necessary for the eyes. In the Ludic palette there is yellow, lime, bright green and even blue. Verdure, symbolizing health, according to Eisman, unites a number of “vegetable” shades, including “celery greens” - an updated green symbol, which the Pantone Color Institute proposes to take too actively as a basis for all professionals and amateurs of decor.


Style agencies develop their own spectra; all or almost all work the same. Stylists are saturated throughout the year with art in the general sense of the word. Carefully study film, painting, photo, music, street art, dance and, of course, fashion, to determine the trends of tomorrow. Manufacturers of decorative paints, varnishes and plasters are the most active and interested in promoting various palettes. Famous enterprises have their own research departments that produce trend-books.


The blue-green tint will add mystery and elegance to the atmosphere of any space, experts of the American company Sherwin-Williams say. “People want adventure; this desire penetrates the most secluded corners of our homes. We long for things that call us on an expedition”, says marketing director Sue Wadden. “Oceanside is a touch of escapism in your own home.”

Knowing trendy colors is one thing. But to be able to use them is completely different. Simple rules are known to all decorators. First, never combine more than three primary colors in the same room, otherwise the visual comfort provided by the harmony of colors is impossible. Secondly, use only one main color and its combinations: if you choose saturated blue, use with it light blue or neutral colors, such as white, but never bright red. Charlotte Crosby, Farrow & Ball, stresses that color determines culture. "For example, in China, red is a symbol of good luck, whereas in the West it represents anger and passion."

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